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After Delay, 7th Street Finally Getting Lit?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, April 02, 2008, at 05:21PM
Connecting the Lights Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A city crew installs wiring at the corner of 7th and Hill.

A little over ten months after the fixtures were installed on the sidewalk, the pedestrian lights installed on 7th street east of Hill look to finally be getting a chance to light up.

A Bureau of Street Services crew was at work on 7th today, installing wiring. They indicated that their work was to bring the green pedestrian lights online. Asked why it had taken so long, a member of the crew said that the lights hadn't had the right hardware.

We've talked before about how seeing something in the ground changes your expectations. When it's just an idea, waiting isn't so hard, but once hardware shows up on the street it's easy to expect it to work right away.

That said, ten months to get a couple dozen pedestrian lights up and running seems a bit ridiculous. It was back in May of 2006, after all, that Council approved the lighting district that will fund the lights' operation.

Asked when the lights would be operational, the worker from Bureau of Street Services said "maybe tonight." While that sounds great, it seems wise to temper that anticipation with a little history. It's been a while; we can wait a few more days.


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