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DotDotDash: Wandering Main Street

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, April 09, 2008, at 06:51PM

Next to the alley of the big city, old neon will light the dark shadows while punch lines from the inner psyche under stark harsh lights. It’s April . . . and spring finds Spring Street still running alongside Main. As music fills the night air and art hangs on the wall, the streets will be filled with those who want to claim witness to this rumor known as Downtown Art Walk, set in a city that is like the Five Star Bar, finding beauty from a hidden past. It’s Dot Dot Dash with a touch of noir on a restored blogdowntown ––back for one more trip around Gallery Row.

NEON NOIR: The Museum Of Neon Art, you know her as MONA (136 W. 4th St), returns to her rightful place––in Downtown windows, blinking drinks to those who pass by Harlem Alley. ..– Nearby, Edgar Varela Fine Arts shows off the work of Bianca Regl in the Continental Building (4th and Spring). ..– Art Murmur opens the stroke of Dixie Folk Art gone L.A. in "Coast to Coast Butter Toast" (129 E 6th St). All three are holding receptions at 6pm.


FROM THE ARCHIVES: Love at First Sight: The Molly Barnes Collection is the second Pharmaka (101 W 5th St) exhibition focusing on important Los Angeles collections. It’s work “born out of passion, that would otherwise not be seen by the public” from the collection of art dealer Molly Barnes.


'HAPPENING': The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (152 N Central) exhibits "Allan Kaprow: Art As Life," tracing the development of Kaprow's works from the mid-1950s, called Action Collages. It led to the creation of "all-encompassing environments" also known as happenings. Extra: On noon this Sunday, April 13th, a new version of the 1970 "happening" called Graft will be held Downtown. ..– They write: "Hothouse greenery and an equally valuable amount of dollar bills will be attached to bare trees along the Figueroa Corridor, which connects the heart of the "downtown renaissance" with un-gentrified areas of the city." ..– Those Darn Trojans: This draft of Graft is being coordinated by USC MFA students Joel Kyack and Lee Lynch.


DARK, YET FUN: Jen Heaslip appears at both Art Slave Gallery (216 S. Spring St) and Bert Green Fine Art (102 West 5th St) and is showing two different sides. At Bert Green Fine Art, you will see menace and grit; while at Art Slave Gallery, her “Battle Fatigue” is figurative with faces of hope sought.


MOCK THIS WAY: Comedy Night hit the ground running with only a few clinkers in the bunch and many more laughs than a typical night at the club. The press notes highlight Latino comedian Ernie G, the Mooney Twins, Daryl and Dwayne and Mikey Scott.


PICS: Visit the Spring Arts Collective Gallery (453. S Spring St) while Moxy Phinx performs live music at 7:30 and 8pm and you'll get a chance to see our own Dave Bullock. He joins the collective of artists and continues his photographic series "Land of Nuclear Enchantment” from Noon to 9pm.


LAST CALL BAR TALK: The Five Stars Bar at 267 S. Main St is now owned by Marc Cordova. His father, Robert, first opened the watering hole in 1971 before Marc took over with Angela Hurtado. Inspired by Downtown's restoration, Marc and Angela expanded into the defunct business next door and took down the false ceilings to open up into raw space. ..– Well, Lookey Here: They found preserved architectural details dating back to the late 1800s, so they hired a painter to research colors and highlight the wood to compliment the original tiled floor, giving the beer-serving-bar a look that would envy historians, and attract new customers. ..– Showtime: Cordova hired a jazz band play for the kinda-official grand opening on Thursday, April 10. It happens to be the same day as Downtown Art Walk, during the first annual Los Angeles Art Weekend, and a few doors down from the ImaginAsian Center who will be hosting the first annual 2008 Japan Film Festival. Timing is everything.


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