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A Second Stair Climb for Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, April 09, 2008, at 04:38PM
20071020_IMG_0775 Andy Perkins [Flickr]

The 62-story AON Center, at 707 Wilshire.

Downtown gets its second stair climb event on Saturday, April 26th, as the Los Angeles Climb California heads up the AON Center's 62 stories. The event is a fundraiser for the American Lung Association. For those climbing, it's a chance to make their way up 1,377 stairs to the top of one of Downtown's tallest buildings.

The AON climb's sponsorship page appears to engage in a bit of hyperbole on the event's significance.

Hosted by Cushman & Wakefield of the AON Building, Climb California will generate an unprecedented amount of media coverage as it is the only event of its kind in Southern California. American Lung Association stair climb events receive widespread media coverage, both nationally and internationally.

While it is likely true that this is the first stair climb in Southern California to benefit the American Lung Association, the event is hardly the only one of its kind. The Kechum YMCA's annual Stair Climb to the Top held its 15th climb back in October, heading up 75 floors of US Bank Tower (73 stories plus two garage levels).

Still, Downtown's big enough for two stair climbs. Entrance to the AON climb is $25, plus a minimum $100 in fundraising.

From October's YMCA Climb: 1500 Stairs, One Great Story


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