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A Midweek Closure Report

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, April 15, 2008, at 12:23PM
Downtown Filming Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A 2007 shoot on the 4th street freeway.

This special midweek closure report is brought to you by Harley Davidson and CBS, home of Numb3rs and CSI: New York.

A number of late night closures this week encompassing stretches of Spring, Hill and the 4th street freeway.

The 4th street freeway will be open Wednesday evening, but don't plan on using the two ramps adjacent to it. The ramps from 4th to Hope and from Hope to Figueroa will be closed from 6pm to 6am for Jake Mills Productions to shoot for Harley Davidson.

The newly two-way stretch of Hill street between Olympic and 11th will be closed Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 8pm to 7am for Paramount Pictures to shoot scenes for the CBS show Numb3rs. Look for drive-by gunfire on the Wednesday shoot.

Thursday evening CBS has requested a full closure of Spring street between 5th and 6th to shoot for CSI: New York. The closure, which does not appear to have yet been approved by the Board of Public Works, would run from 7pm to 7am. It sounds like it could be a fun night for residents of the Alexandria and Security Lofts:

Atmospheric smoke effects. Driving scenes. Camera & equipment on sidewalk, curb lane and across the street. Interior and exterior dialogue. Wetting of the street. Body being dragged by car. Road flares. Simulated police station at 514 Spring St with entrances/ exits. Simulated road block & check point. Stunt near miss on street with car jumping on/ off sidewalk.


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