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Early May 1 Notes: State Building Returns to Its Bunker

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, May 01, 2008, at 02:31PM
State Fortifications Eric Richardson [Flickr]

This photo is from 2007, but the Reagan State Building's 2008 fortifications look the same.

All blogdowntown coverage of today's marches is available in this May 1 topic.

For the second year running, the Ronald Reagan State Building is likely to win the crown of "Most Intent to Protect Itself from Marchers." The Caltrans devices pictured are from 2007, but those up around the State Building today look just the same.

Elsewhere, Ed Fuentes reports that the march on Broadway got a little over-anxious, and is now being held up at 9th. Given that the MacArthur Park march isn't slated to leave for a few more minutes, convergence might require a bit of a wait.

Ed also notes that a small scuffle unrelated to the march resulted in a lightning-fast LAPD response. The two males involved were likely unprepared for the cops to come down so quickly on a little street fight.


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