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Meeting "Moy Moy"

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, May 22, 2008, at 08:41AM
Meeting Ed Fuentes

At the Sunday afternoon unveiling of Leo Politi Square at Echo Park and Sunset Blvd, a crowd of Politi fans and family crowded together on a hot sidewalk to watch 100 doves fly, children recite from Politi, and a sign marking the intersection Leo Politi Square be presented by the artists son, Paul Politi, and Councilmember Ed Reyes.

The children's book artist and author is being celebrated in what would have been the year of his 100th birthday, and an exhibition of the Olvera Street based artist continues until June 14 at the Central Library. And now it seems one doesn't leave a Politi event without a story.

In this case, it's about Annette Cano. In 1965 she was in elementary school when Leo Politi came for a assembly to talk about and demonstrate his art. It was something she remembered into adulthood.

Just 8 years ago, Cano was at a yard sale a few blocks away from the Pico Rivera elementary school where the assembly was first held where she saw some drawings in a musty frame that looked familiar.

It was the same art that Politi drew for the school children back in 1965, and the illustrations were signed and dated by the artist himself. She kept her excitement hidden while asking how much the art was. A few bucks later, she purchased the three artifacts.

On the past Sunday afternoon, she came by the unveiling to to honor the artist––and the recovered treasures. Not only did she get to meet the Politi family for the first time, she and was introduced to Mary Yan Joe, who Politi based the character “Moy Moy” on, and one of the images Cano was clutching.

They said hellos, shared some stories, and like lost friends posed together for a few photos.


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