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Locking Cans Look to Keep Trash in Place

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, June 05, 2008, at 03:51PM
Locking Can Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A new locking trash can on the corner of 6th and Spring streets.

The arrival of new trash cans isn't typically a cause for conversation, but new units with locking lids now being installed in the Historic Core are worth a mention.

The first new cans showed up quite recently on Spring street, between 6th and 7th. They're part of a program by the Historic Downtown BID that will place 80 new cans and retrofit lids onto many that have been on the streets.

Most Downtowners are familiar with the sight of a can whose contents have been turned upside down, typically in the hunt for recyclables. Scattered trash then ends up in the storm drains and blows around the streets. These new cans keep that from happening by way of a hinged lid on the top of the unit. The lids are locked closed, with the BID's maintenance people having the master key to open and empty them.

Currently, the new cans look a little bit funny, with an inner metal can only holding half as much trash as the full unit should. Historic Downtown BID head Russell Brown says that proper-fitting black plastic liners are coming, but are currently back-ordered. They should arrive and be installed within the month.

Also on the way is identity signage, to be installed on two sides of the cans. One side will feature the HDBID, while the other will brand different Historic Core neighborhoods.

The new cans will next be installed in the Old Bank District, followed by the rest of the HDBID's Gallery Row area and then finally Broadway.


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