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Checking In on Plaza Rehabs at AON and Manulife

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 09, 2008, at 12:30PM
AON Center Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A worker removes extra concrete on the Wilshire side on the AON Center. The stairs floating overhead are still in use to access the building, but will eventually be removed.

Work continues on office building rehabs at the AON Center and Manulife Plaza. While neither are high-profile jobs, it's good to see Downtown's revitalization extend to office complexes.

The AON Center work has involved the removal of a significant amount of concrete that had previously left the building disconnected from the sidewalk around it. The Wilshire side of the building, pictured above, will still be significantly raised due to the slope of the site, but the entryway will be greener and more accessible. Obstructions have been removed on the 6th street side of the building, allowing the sidewalk to flow into the front entryway.

Over at 5th and Figueroa, Manulife Plaza is getting new palm trees and flowers. Renders on the site also show courtyard tables and a lighter, more inviting color palette than the plaza had used in the past.


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