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Art Walk Preview for June, 2008

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, June 10, 2008, at 05:46PM
the gallery director Ed Fuentes

Gallery Director Bryson Strauss guarding works from Steve Huston and Jared Joslin at Yarger/ Strauss Gallery located in the Rowan Annex.

On Thursday, June 12th, the Downtown Art Walk brings new faces in old spaces, a new shuttle to get you around, and new ideas that expands Gallery Row. It all comes with a new Downtown Art Walk logo that debuts this month. Here's your guide to what not to miss at the June, 2008, Downtown Art Walk.

"Corpus Maximus 2008": There's a movement of work known as New Figurative, and its on display at Yarger|Strauss Contemporary (460 S. Spring). The show includes Steve Huston's use of social realism craftsmanship that sometimes captures the moment of a first gasp of emotional and physical retribution. Also, Jared Joslin mixes Art Deco with modern angst, showing mystery as posed portraiture. The mood of the art is light, but the subject's eyes are dark. And if you look closely, industry is an imposing icon in the background.

Bus Ride With A Few Friends: The Art Walk DASH has given way to "The Hippodrome". Kim and Richard of Esotuoric will act as hosts for the revamped Art Walk shuttle service running from 6 pm to 10 pm. Riders will hear performance by Lucas Gonze from 7pm-7:30pm, and the lyrical rants about L.A. by Mike The Poet at 8pm and 8:30pm. Luca Spanio (Queen Acoustic) rambles with the music of Freddie Mercury & Company from 9pm to 9:30pm.

"FIRST|LAST": Emerging Los Angeles area artists take over a space (436 S. Main) before it becomes a retail store they can get their supplies at. Winstead Adams Projects also have a hand in two projects with Phantom Galleries, in the P.E. Lofts building.

BGFA: Megan Geckler's long-running window installation on the corner at BGFA (102 W. 5th), "Set a course for wayward schemes," continues to get great press. This time it's a write-up in the May issue of Art Ltd. (image). Inside the gallery, the LA Times has good things to say about Valérie Jacobs: "finely detailed works on paper and canvas reveal that art made with a light touch and a heavy heart is far more resonant than any made with a heavy hand. At Bert Green Fine Art, 20 understated images neither clamor for your attention nor aggressively mess with it once they get it."

"Chapman Windows": USC's Animation & Digital Arts brings student works to the windows of the Chapman Flats (750 S. Broadway), giving a new form of moving light on Broadway. Wait until dark before going to Broadway––a phrase not heard in a long time. Show runs 8pm to Midnight.

More Student Work: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts Senior English students spend the first days of summer showing how they combined photography and creative writing to "present unique perspectives on controversial social issues and the elusive nature of personal dream psychology." Show's at Spring Arts Collective (453 S. Spring).

"Council of Nicaea": Installation artist Launa Bacon brings multimedia, paintings, sculpture, video and performance artist Tiffany Trensa to the Continental Building (408 S Spring). The subject: Observing the fundamentals qualities of human existence.

Biddy Mason: Marc Joseph has partnered with Dasol Mashaka of Hoagies and Wings to bring a once-a-month gallery to Biddy Mason Park (courtyard of 333 S. Spring). Up this month is Mark Venaglia, whose work includes a portrait of the park's namesake, Biddy Mason. They're seeking artists for future shows at the outdoor space.


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