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No Longer a Grand Opening

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, June 10, 2008, at 12:07PM
No Longer Grand Opening Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A "Grand Opening" banner that hung for years has been removed from the Broadway Exchange building.

Ace Jewelry & Loan had a really long Grand Opening. A banner hung over the store loudly proclaimed its opening, and did so for years.

The banner's longevity was particularly illustrated this past week, when it came down and left a patch of brick glazed tiles a totally different color than the brick that had been exposed around it.

Well, not exactly, but it would be easy to think that on first glance.

Hidden behind the banner was a section of brick glazed tiles painted in a different scheme, some windows and an old marquee for a past tenant.

The facade changes are part of work to convert the Broadway Exchange building to residential. The building will house 68 units, a chiropractors office and a synagogue.


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