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One Rack at a Time Too Slow for Creating a Bicycle Friendly City

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 16, 2008, at 02:27PM
Bicycle Rack Install Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A pair of new bike racks showed up on Spring street today, in front of 626 Gallery. They were placed in orange markings that had been put down way back in September of last year.

While certainly every rack is helpful for a cyclist looking to park, the excitement the sight of just one or two new racks can generate illustrates how far off the mark our city is as a whole.

In a city that wants to promote a lifestyle with reduced dependence on the automobile, making cycling friendly is essential. While other amenities are needed, a simple spot to park is one of the most important essentials.

Nearly every block of Downtown has numerous parking spots for cars, so why shouldn't each block have a similar number of spots for bikes to lock up? A certain number of parking spaces are required of any development, but why aren't there similar regulations for how many bike spaces a developer must provide?

Those are the sort of mindset shifts Los Angeles is going to need to make for Downtown to really become a changed place.


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