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Downtown Joins Vows Heard Around the State

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, June 18, 2008, at 09:41AM
the south lawn Ed Fuentes

June Wedding: City council president and Acting Mayor for the City Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, stands with family, friends, CD 13 staff and staff alum, on the south lawn steps of City Hall after a wedding ceremony held Tuesday morning.

When the wedding invitation arrives in the form of a press release, the vows declaring a commitment of love and partnership become a political statement. A similar scene was repeated around the state on Monday evening, as the first wave of legal same-sex marriages began at 5:01 pm.

On a warm Tuesday morning, Downtown had its first ceremony with Shane Goldsmith and Monica Granados, a couple who met while working for Council president Eric Garcetti.

A cynic would say that with the November elections promising opposition to same sex unions, treating vows as a media event is grandstanding. At the same time, with all the celebrations around California in the last 24 hours, the opening ceremonies for what many are calling the summer of love may have only just begun.

Politics aside, the moments seen between the couple, and their families and friends on the south lawn of City Hall were not staged, but very real.


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