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Around the Halls: June 30 - July 2

By Ed Fuentes and Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 30, 2008, at 05:17AM
city hall chambers Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, June 30th, and it's a busy week for Downtown. Here are some of the issues winding their way through the city that Downtowners should know about.

MONDAY: Monday at City Hall is highlighted by the Budget and Finance meeting, as the city continues to debate ways to handle a serious shortfall.

While not specific to Downtown, those in the urban core should note Item 8 on the Budget and Finance agenda, which pertains to a report from the Bureau of Sanitation on permeable paving technologies (PDF).

Historically, the City used impermeable paving surfaces to create streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and alleys. Conventional pavement is an impermeable surface that sheds rainfall and associated surface pollutants, forcing the water to run off of paved surfaces directly into nearby storm drains and then into the Los Angeles River, local streams, or Santa Monica Bay. ill contrast, permeable pavement is designed to allow percolation or infiltration of stormwater or urban runoff through the surface and into the soil below, where the water is naturally filtered and pollutants are removed.

Sanitation wants several city departments to study the technology and implement some pilot projects. The same item goes to the Energy and the Environment committee on Tuesday morning.

TUESDAY: Item 43 on the Council agenda allocates $60,000 in Street Furniture Revenue Fund money to CD9 to allow the council office to hire a staff member to handle transportation and sidewalk projects (PDF Motion).

At Information Technology and General Services committee, Item 4 is a highly technical item relating to the old state building site at 1st and Broadway. The state and county own the building site and adjacent parking lot, and the city has a random 7% interest in the site as well. The current agreement would return the parking lot to the county (for use in the Civic Center park) and the building footprint to the state.

The Siqueiros Mural Committee will meet at 5pm at the Biscailuz Building, located at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument. The ongoing plans for the murals preservation manages with a recurring agenda. After the approval of the previous months minutes, the committee will discuss the Siqueiros Mural Interpretive Center Project, then the content that will in the Interpretive Center Project, and then fundraising for the Interpretive Center Project.

Outside of the Halls: "Bringing Back Broadway, a discussion with Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose Huizar" will be held from 5:30 to 7pm at the Orpheum Theatre (842 S. Broadway). Sponsored by the Heritage Committee of Bunker Hill's City Club, the Councilmember will be joined by Linda Dishman, Executive Director, L.A Conservancy, Tara Jones, Director, National Preservation Partners, and Lillian Burkenheim, Project Manager, Community Redevelopment Agency.


Item 10 of the Council agenda is the continuation of the liquor license process for the Santa Fe Bar (103 E 6th St). The current process, to get a determination of "Public Convenience or Necessity," is related to the overturned planning decision from September.

Just a few blocks south of City Hall, the Third Anniversary of the Skid Row Neighborhood Watch walk is at 6pm. The walk begins and ends at the courtyard of the Midnight Mission(601 S. San Pedro St.) Assemble at 6 and depart at approximately 6:15.


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