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Handbags Shows Off Updated Hayward Retail Space

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, July 17, 2008, at 10:10AM
Lili Shoes & Handbags Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Renovation work added height to the Hayward Hotel space occupied by Lili Shoes & Handbags, making the store feel much larger.

Exterior work hasn't yet been completed, but the inside of Lili Shoes & Bags offers a great view of what Downtowners can expect from the Hayward Hotel's current renovations. Work done last month removed a drop ceiling, revealing height and history inside the old retail space.

Lili has been open for four years, but current owners Isaac and Shiva Massadli just bought the store a year ago. They're excited about the changing Downtown, saying that business continues to get better. They've been selling off the store's existing merchandise, and restocking with a nicer selection of products. A grand opening for the redone space is to come, after work is completed and they're able to clear out more of the old product.

The change in product is appropriate for the store's dramatic change in feel. In late May, construction workers tore out the space's drop ceiling, exposing a much higher ceiling that had once been part of the Hayward's hotel lobby.

An even bigger surprise was above, with another ceiling located just a few feet higher and featuring intricate, hand-painted details. Unfortunately, this second find was in very poor shape, and the decision had to be made to focus on restoration of the second ceiling, likely dating back to hotel renovations in 1915 or 1916. The Massadlis got to play a role in that restoration, deciding on light fixtures and the bright accent lines that highlight pillars and ceiling detail. "We just wanted a little color," Shiva said.

The extra height and the store's new all-glass front give the space a very airy feel, making it seem as is the renovation doubled the store's size.

According to Eric Shomov of building owner Pacific Investments, glass work should be done on several more storefronts within the next week. Around the corner, crews continue to work on the Spring street addition's paint removal, revealing great details on the creme-colored building.


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