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Rockin' Joel Bloom Square

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, July 18, 2008, at 11:24AM
Drive-By Rock n Roll Ed Fuentes

"Virgina City Revival" of the Dawn of the White Light Ministries used a field mission vehicle number to perform a three song drive-by set at the 2nd Annual Arts District Block Party, held last Sunday.

Organizers of Sunday's block party say that the event raised $1,500 to help restore Bloom's General Store. The day featured a Joel Bloom impersonation, or two: one category of the dog competition was for the best Joel Bloom look-alike.

Aside from raising money, the event was just the Arts District being itself. It was a time for a community to take over the street, be social and enjoy an afternoon of memories and music.

Soon, the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District will be storied beyond local newspapers articles and blogs. “Ashley’s Ashes” is an independently produced feature, produced by Bill Langlois Monroe, that will use the Arts District as backdrop. It features a character named Bloom, played by Daniel Baldwin, who acts as a guiding spirit.

Cornerstone Theater began rehearsals last night for at traction, a play complied from interviews taken in and around the neighborhood. Yes, here too is a character named Bloom. Both projects talk about the known creative spirit that lives in the neighborhood.

That spirit continues.

During the block party, as one act ended a set and began to pack up, a flatbed truck was driven out behind the MURA development on Rose and circled the triangle onto E. 3rd. It stopped behind the small stage, the band playing all along. They introduced themselves as a group who wanted to pay respects to Bloom. Across Joel Bloom Square, event organizer Lilli Muller came briskly walking toward the flatbed truck ready to end any nonsense that would make a dent in the afternoon schedule.

She stopped halfway there and let them play. The reason? “They weren't bad," she said later.

Add it to the list of stories.

More photos on flickr: Ed Fuentes and meekorouse.

PREVIOUSLY: Fundraiser for Bloom's General Store Set for Sunday

Video of the event produced by the Cornerstone Institute:


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