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Hope Street Sidewalk Closure Gets a Guard

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, July 18, 2008, at 05:51PM
Go Around Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A construction worker sits at the corner of 9th and Hope telling pedestrians to cross to the other side of the street.

The sidewalk on a stretch of Hope street next to Ralphs remains shut to pedestrians, five weeks after it was first closed. After prompting, the developer is working with city departments on a solution that would reopen the walkway while construction proceeds.

In the interim, it seems that the contractor on site has taken a more hands-on approach to making sure people don't walk out in the street to get around the closure. Mid-day today a construction worker was situated in the shade of a tree at the corner of 9th and Hope, telling pedestrians to use the crosswalk. It was a bit of a half-hearted effort, with no similar guard on the closure's north end.

Downtown construction projects often close off sidewalk blocks for months at a time. The city's permitting process has strict rules for closures that would affect vehicle lanes, but no similar accounting for pedestrians.


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