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Five Blogs Added to the Downtown Sidebar

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, July 22, 2008, at 04:48PM

I have to admit to being woefully neglectful of the "3BN Blogs" section of this site's sidebar. In an effort to make up for lost time, I today added five blogs that Downtowners should make sure to check out.

First off, if you'er puzzled by the "3BN" moniker, Ed coined it in response to local content aggregator naming Downtown the third "bloggiest neighborhood" in April of 2007.

With that out of the way, on to the new additions:

Ginny Here and There: Ginny Case should be no stranger to those involved in Downtown. She's served on the board of DLANC, and her daytime job has made her a part of recent outreach efforts on Metro projects. Recent topics have often involved pregnancy -- she's due in 36 days, according to the countdown in the site's sidebar.

Meeko on Main: There's no real excuse for why Pamela, or Meekorouse, hadn't been on the sidebar thus far. She's even on occasion taken notes used in stories for this site. While her last couple posts have been mostly cat photos, she's also doing a great job of hitting various Downtown events and posting about them.

Professionally Fabulous: The Professional may write mostly about fashion and living "the fabulous life", but she lives in Downtown L.A. and references the locale often. Check out a review of Adoro Mexican Grille and a guide to buying flowers at the Flower Market.

Under the Alexandria: The site name for this blog by a family of three comes from their original parking spot in Alexandria's garage. The car's moved out, but the name lives on. Yesterday's post about all the economic reasons Downtown is doomed leaves me eager for tomorrow's promised positive outlook.

When Are We Going to California?: To answer the titular question: March. The blog was started by a couple who use the pseudonyms H (him) and B (her) as an account of their journey west from Chicago to L.A., but it seems the habit stuck. Many posts compare their new neighborhood to the one they left behind. A question you may or may not have asked: Why does Downtown have so many pay phones?

If you're blogging about Downtown and aren't on the sidebar here, feel free to drop me an email and let me know.


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