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Liliya Gets a New Sign

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, July 25, 2008, at 02:08PM
New Sign Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Workers from A&A Signs install a new blade sign at Liliya China Bistro.

Liliya China Bistro got some new identification today, adding a blade sign that increases the restaurant's visibility on 2nd street. It's a well-played piece of signage, and part of a growing Downtown trend toward nice blade signage.

Blade signs stick out from a building, targeting those up or down the street instead of those looking directly at a building or storefront. They're nothing new -- old Broadway was full of them. Unlike the massive neon signs of old, the blade signs in fashion today are much smaller.

Sometimes, a building will coordinate the signage styles for its retail stores. The Pacific Center Famima!! got a blade sign last January, and the other storefronts in the building have gotten similar signs that share a consistent size and shape.

It's a nice trend, and one that helps to make destinations easier for pedestrians to find.

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