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LA Hard Hats Offers Front Row Seat for Downtown Construction

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, July 31, 2008, at 06:45AM
LA Hard Hats National Geographic

Construction crews work on the roof of Evo, star of the new series LA Hard Hats.

The X Games, kicking off today at Staples Center and L.A. Live, aren't the only entertainment putting Downtown on the screen this weekend. Sunday marks the premiere of LA Hard Hats, a National Geographic series chronicling the construction of Evo, the third building in the South Group collection.

The series is all about construction, with each episode focusing on a different trade at work on the site. This week I talked to Jim Stammer, who managed the Evo job for general contractor Howard S. Wright.

Jim's worked on many projects. So did the production make the job feel different? "Certainly they did at first, a lot of the folks on the job were intimidated by the big furry microphone in their face," Jim told me. Pretty quickly, though, the workers got used to ignoring the crew and going about their work.

Jim said that the National Geographic crew knew when to let the crew just do their jobs. "They were a good team player."

And how did the show come out? "It's the real deal. These guys aren't actors, so they pretty much tell it the way it is."

How well does it do on educating the public about what's really going on up on construction jobs? "From that perspective, I think they did a great job."

LA Hard Hats premieres Sunday evening on National Geographic Channel.


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