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After a Year of Holding, 4th and Hill Toilet Up and Running

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, August 08, 2008, at 03:54PM
4th/Hill APT Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The Automated Public Toilet (APT) at 4th and Hill entered service earlier this week, bringing the total number of units in operation up to thirteen. The 4th and Hill APT was placed in the ground last summer, but had been plagued with delays in getting service up and running.

An extra bonus? Use of the two Historic Core APTs is now free.

While the APTs serving Central City East had been free since their installation, the two toilets in the Historic Core had charged a quarter for use. Guillermo Gonzalez of CBS Decaux said today that the change was due to repeated jamming of the toilets' coin slots. After repeated maintenance, it became simpler and more reliable to just quit charging.

Both the 4th and Hill and 5th and Hill APTs have had lengthy install times. Back in January, Lance Oishi of Bureau of Street Services reported that the unit had passed inspections and was just waiting for DWP to turn the power on. In April, Oishi told blogdowntown that "We're still at that same point."

In the end, though, Gonzalez reports that the final hold-up was with AT&T, who couldn't activate service on the phone line it had installed to the unit last year. The new concrete we reported on in June was the result of a visit where AT&T went searching for the line.


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