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Around the Halls: August 11 - 13

By Ed Fuentes and Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 11, 2008, at 11:09AM
hall Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, August 11th, and as usual it's the middle of the week with the City Hall items that Downtown should care about. The week's big ticket item is the Housing Element, which goes to Council on Wednesday.

MONDAY: All seems quiet on the Downtown front. The day's big meeting is a joint session of Budget & Finance and the Information Technology & General Services committees.

TUESDAY: Council's in session, with two standing committee sessions and two ad-hoc committees meeting.

In a two-day item, Council first hears protests, if any, on the official renewal of the Historic Downtown BID. Wednesday the renewal vote is tallied and finalized. Council File is CF 07-1099.

Council Item 24 (CF 08-1316) regards the designation of 1216 San Julian Street as “Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church Square.” The motion directs DOT to place a sign, but it already went up earlier in the year.

Council Item 25 (CF 07-3494 is a mostly uneventful Bicycle Master Plan update, but includes a directive to DOT and Planning to draft new rules for how bicycle parking is included in new development.

Just by the name, the Ad Hoc Committee on Ending Poverty states a bold mission. The committee will have a special meeting at 2pm in the Julie Bennett Conference Center. (Room 1705, City Hall East). Councilmembers Alarcon, Greuel, and Wesson will hear reports on reducing poverty by increasing home ownership, and a report on homelessness, supportive services, and increased ways to transition homeless into permanent housing.

WEDNESDAY: Another day, another long Council agenda, with some Downtown items.

As mentioned in Tuesday's listing, Council is slated to officially renew the Historic Downtown BID in Item 2 on Wednesday's agenda.

Item 19 (CF 08-0992) is the week's second after-the-fact approval of a naming. The intersection of Sunset and Echo Park was named "Leo Politi Square" back in May.

Item 21 (CF 08-1933 is an approval of the city's Housing Element of the General Plan. After Downtown stakeholders and city departments had worked out a deal earlier in the year, the Planning Commission surprised many by changing many of the terms in its June recommendation. After negotiations in a recent Planning and Land Use meeting, the Central City Association now endorses the document to be approved.

And finally, Item 43 (CF 08-1858) is the late night DASH motion previously mentioned on this site. The item asks DOT to report in thirty days.


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