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Broadway Trustees Approve Streetcar Non-Profit

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, August 15, 2008, at 05:10PM
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Eric Richardson [Flickr]

File Photo: The Broadway Trustees are introduced at the Los Angeles Theatre in January, 2008.

The concept of a Downtown streetcar took another step forward Friday, as the Bringing Back Broadway Trustees voted to create LA Streetcar, Inc. The organization would be a sole purpose non-profit that would design, build and operate a streetcar system Downtown.

Jim Atkins of the South Group was involved in the creation of the Portland streetcar, where a similar non-profit entity was created to manage the project. He led the effort to write the proposal that was in front of the Trustees on Friday, after having been discussed at length in the effort's Streetcar, Parking and Transportation committee.

Over its first eighteen months, LA Streetcar, Inc., would look to raise just under $400,000. The money would be used to advocate and coordinate the streetcar effort.

The Bringing Back Broadway Trustees is a group of more than two dozen stakeholders, made up of property owners, city departments, preservation interests and local business groups. The Bringing Back Broadway project, run out of Councilman Jose Huizar's CD14 office, recently named Jessica Wethington Mclean as its Executive Director.


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