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A Sad Farewell

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, August 21, 2008, at 12:36AM
Ed Interviews Offc. Wenninger Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Ed interviews LAPD Officer Jeff Wenninger during a September 2007 march down Broadway.

This is a story that I really didn't want to write. For personal reasons, Ed Fuentes is leaving Downtown and will no longer be writing for blogdowntown.

UPDATE: The script has a new page. Ed's staying put. He explains, in Not Quite "Letting Go" Yet.

Since joining the site on May 26, 2007, Ed's written 270 stories for blogdowntown, and has been an enormous help and resource for me as I've tried to figure out what this site is supposed to become.

Ed leaves some pretty big shoes to fill. I told him this week that I'm probably going to have to find three people to cover the range of events and roles he handled. A couple months ago I had a one-day turnaround to produce a large ad, and called Ed up about it. That afternoon he had a trio of mockups waiting for me, with catchy copy that worked perfectly for what we were trying to do. Who knows how many times I called him up to ask if he'd be up for grabbing a coffee and working through an idea or a drawing up a game plan for how we'd handle upcoming stories.

Ed tried to turn in a resignation, but I wouldn't accept it. blogdowntown's going in a pretty cool new direction right now, and Ed played a big part in that. Maybe I'm just being stubborn, but I think there's still some role left for him to play. For now, we'll just say he's the site's Arts & Culture Editor emeritus.


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