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Not Quite "Letting Go" Yet

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, August 26, 2008, at 08:43PM

Last Thursday, Eric announced that I was leaving Downtown. Leaving was a decision that I didn't want to make, and the outpouring of support both here and in the neighborhood didn't make it any easier to say goodbye.

What I get to say today is a lot more enjoyable: I'm not leaving.

Over and over last week, I heard people tell me, "You're not going anywhere," even as I was packed up and ready to go. Then someone in the community found a way for me to stay so I can regroup here, rather than elsewhere. The experience has me even more appreciative of the people that define Downtown and needless to say, the ongoing comments on Eric's "Sad Farewell" are a bit overwhelming.

The decision to leave Downtown wasn't one that I arrived at because I was burnt out on blogging or bored with the neighborhood. It's the same financial crisis that many Downtown businesses, or artists, experience.

As events unfolded over the past few months, I had to consider if it was an appropriate time to make an exit. With the mural on Main street up, and having helped push Eric along on the "cool new direction" he teased earlier, I would have at least been able to leave Downtown on a good note.

My small role in Cornerstone Theater's production "_at_Traction” was a respite (that also gave me time to seek a solution). Coincidentally, the character I played was the neighborhood storyteller who was in the middle of making a decision to leave the Arts District. His final words during a graceful exit were “Letting go, now. Letting go. Letting go."

Turns out I can't quite do that yet. There are too many stories left to tell.

I've still got plenty to catch up on before I'm fully back into the flow of things, but I knew I owed it to you all to say thank you. I hope this isn't too clumsy a return.


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