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City Hall Shuttle Takes Last Laps; DASH A Reroute Tuesday

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, August 29, 2008, at 02:11PM
City Hall Shuttle Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A City Hall Shuttle DASH bus heads east through the 2nd street tunnel on the line's last day of service.

You have until 6:30pm to take a last ride on the City Hall Shuttle, the free circulator that runs between different city office locations in the Civic Center. It takes its last runs today, to be replaced on Tuesday by a modified DASH A.

The changes are part of recommendations to come out of DOT's Downtown DASH Study, and were approved by Council back in February. Riders of the City Hall Shuttle, DASH A and DASH E should pay attention to this particular round of alterations.

The City Hall Shuttle primarily served to move city workers between City Hall, the DWP Building and Figueroa Plaza, which houses a number of city departments.

DASH A, which already stopped at City Hall, will now serve the two other complexes as well. New stops for Little Tokyo-bound buses will be added on Figueroa at 4th, 3rd, 2nd and Diamond. Buses headed toward the Financial District will add stops at 1st/Hope, Diamond/Figueroa and Figueroa/2nd. The stop on Hope street just south of 1st will be eliminated.

Additionally, DASH A is changing its route through Little Tokyo, continuing on 1st street east to Hewitt before coming south to Traction and rejoining its present route. New stops will be added on 1st at Central and Alameda, with a stop on Hewitt at 2nd.

DASH E also does a small reroute, adding a stop at 6th/Witmer and dropping stops on Wilshire between Witmer and St. Paul. The removed stops are duplicates of DASH A service.

The City Hall Shuttle operated using two DASH vehicles which will now be freed up. One will go to the DASH A in an attempt to maintain existing headways (time between buses, currently scheduled for 7 minutes). The other will go to create a new DASH Central City East. That service is scheduled to start on Thursday, September 4th.


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