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Adult Classes at Colburn Dance School Begin Fall Schedule

By Jeannine Denholm
Published: Tuesday, September 16, 2008, at 02:46PM
Colburn Dance Recital [Flickr]

Students from The Colburn Dance Institute's professional training program perform on stage at The Aratani Japan American Theater

Ever since I've been five years old, I wanted to take ballet lessons. Since my parents had already bought me an $800 Button Box Accordian by the time I was 8 and paid for weekly lessons until I was 13, dance class never happened.

Fast forward roughly 25 years later, throw in the amazing Downtown Colburn Dance School and a neighbor who's reliving his own past as a dancer and I'm finally fulfilling a childhood dream.

For the past four months my neighbor and I have been taking Adult Beginning Ballet lessons at the Little Toyko location of the Colburn Dance School. I love it. Maybe it’s because I no longer care what I look like in a tight ballet leotard, how awkward I sometimes feel when I’m twirling around or how inflexible I am next to people that have been dancing their entire lives, but whatever the reason it has truly been an amazing experience.

The class is surprisingly affordable and filled with people of every skill level. Somehow our teacher, Lucy Record, manages to accommodate everyone. The day of the first class I was welcomed by Anna Lux, a fellow classmate and Colburn Dance School employee. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed even though I had no experience at all. The class takes place on Saturday mornings at 10am in an airy, large studio with a springy floor that makes even the worst jumper look good. Class size varies from three on a small day to close to a dozen when the season gears up.

If you’re not sure you'll be bitten by the dance bug but want to give it a try, I recommend you go to Danny's dance warehouse in Culver City. The store has a huge inventory of tights, shoes and leotards and nothing costs more than $10. The day I stocked up, I ended up with a pair of leather ballet shoes, two leotards and two pairs of tights for $38. It’s a great way to save money, especially if you only plan on taking class once a week.

Another thing that is really amazing about taking classes, is the opportunity to watch the Colburn School's young dancers at various shows throughout the year. Many of the shows are free and showcase upcoming talent right in our own backyard.

Adult Ballet Dance Classes at the Trudl Zipper Dance Institute at the Colburn resumed on September 13th. If you’re interested in any of their classes log on to the school's website for more details.


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