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Around the Halls: September 2 - 4

By Ed Fuentes and Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, September 01, 2008, at 01:40PM
hall Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, September 1, and as you enjoy your Labor Day, City Council is preparing to return from its two-week recess. The agenda is a little sparse this week, as one might expect, but Wednesday offers a pair of items that will be of particular interest to those who enjoy their cigarettes.

TUESDAY: Two scheduled committee meetings are canceled, so Council is the only item on Tuesday's slate. No issues of particular import to Downtowners, so it's worth taking a second to talk about "Special Event" items.

Special events are a staple of Council agendas. The motions instruct city departments to provide services such as street closures for events taking place in a Councilmember's neighborhood. Some of these events entail a cost to the city as it pays for these services, in other cases the event sponsor is instructed to reimburse the city for its costs.

Often these events are approved by Council after the fact, authorizing services that have already been provided. With two weeks off, Council's got quite the backlog to clear through on Tuesday. The agenda has an impressive 72 special events until Item 40.

One that Downtowners may want to pay attention to is the Friends of the Los Angeles River's (FoLAR) Annual Fiesta and River Awards, to be held October 4th on the Sixth Street Viaduct. The river advocacy group is hosting a team from Munich, Germany, where the Isar river has been transformed from a runoff channel into an urban gem.

WEDNESDAY: Wednesday offers two committee meetings and a very slim Council session.

First off, Trade, Commerce and Tourism hears a report on an agreement between AEG and the city for advertising rights on the Convention Center property (CF 08-2051). The program was approved in concept last year, but an agreement was just recently reached. It looks to put a minimum of $2 million per year into the city's general fund.

In Council, Item 11 is a motion approving the replacement of signs directing people to the Music Center and Disney Concert Hall (CF 08-2172). The L.A. Phil is donating $16,000, the cost of replacing the signs.

In Arts, Parks, Health and Aging, it could be a rough day for smokers. Item 1 would prohibit smoking in farmers markets (CF 07-1790). Item 2 would prohibit smoking in outdoor dining areas (and within five feet of them), much like a similar ordinance which was passed recently in Burbank (CF 08-1544).

THURSDAY: No meeting agendas are posted for Thursday, making it likely that no bodies will be meeting. Council agendas should return Friday, and we'll post a late-week "Around the Halls" before then if there are any items of Downtown interest.


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