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CRA To Use Goats to Clear Angels Knoll Hillside

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, September 05, 2008, at 03:06PM
Chopped Ficus Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Starting Monday, the overgrown hillside between Upper and Lower Angels Knoll parks will be home to 100 goats for two weeks.

Here's one you don't see everyday: On Monday morning one hundred goats will be brought Downtown and released into Upper Angels Knoll park. The animals are intended to clear the steep hillside below the park, a job that has previously been performed by crews with loud weedwhackers. The animals will be on-site for two weeks, tended by a full-time herdsman.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out Monday's story, featuring a photo gallery of the goats on Angels Knoll.

The site is owned by the Community Redevelopment Agency, which today put out a press release touting the plan's economic and environmental benefits. The goats will cost the agency $3,000, compared to the $7,500 it had spent on previous weed abatement contracts.

“These goats cost us a fraction of what we previously paid to vendors who cleared the hill with weed whackers that spewed heavy smoke and toxic emissions on people walking by,” said CRA head Cecilia V. Estolano in the release. “Plus, using goats for weed abatement supports our green urbanism and open space goals.”

The animals will come from Ranchito Tivo Boer Goat in Chino. They'll be judged on their performance at the completion of the two week project. The goats will be introduced to the park on Monday morning, with Estolano coming by to see them in place at 9:30am.

Below the hillside, work is slowly progressing on Lower Angels Knoll park, which was slated to be open at the end of June. A little over two months later, the space is still open only to the area's burgeoning pigeon population.


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