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Angels Knoll Goats Wasting No Time in Brush Clearance

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 10, 2008, at 04:41PM
Angels Knoll Goats Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A nearly bare hillside at 4th and Hill, where Monday morning a herd of goats was put to work clearing brush.

The herd of goats put to work on the steep hillside separating Upper and Lower Angels Knoll parks may be attracting lots of attention, but that hasn't kept it from getting the job done. In only two and a half days the herd has virtually cleared what was previously a heavily weeded hillside.

Those interested in checking out Downtown's oddest attraction better move quickly. Once their hillside work is finished, these goats are headed out.

Update (Thursday evening): CRA put out a press release this afternoon saying that the goats are headed home at 10am, Friday morning.

The goats are a green, cost-effective approach to clearing the hillside, which is owned by the Community Redevelopment Agency. The CRA reported that the contract with Ranchito Tivo Boer Goat would save $3,000 compared to previous clearance jobs.

While the herd has been quite effective in tending to their work, they've been even more successful as a Public Relations effort for the agency. The oddity of the goat story has generated press around the world, with each piece mentioning the CRA's green initiative.

Locally, the hillside has become a popular attraction with residents and office workers. Midday today the fence separating Upper Angels Knoll park from the hillside was a popular viewing area and occasional petting zoo. Cameras were out in plenty as people took in the odd urban scene.

While initial reports had put the herd's stay at two weeks, it's clear that the animals won't be needing their entire reservation. With their work nearly complete, the goats won't be here much longer.

Those interested in seeing the animals should head to 4th and Hill. From there a stairway climbs to Upper Angels Knoll.


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