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Event Planner Discover Downtown's Unique Venues

By Jeannine Denholm
Published: Thursday, September 18, 2008, at 10:34AM
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Pamper Me Fabulous marquee at the FordBrady Loft inside the historic Kim Sing Theatre in Chinatown

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Pamper Me Fabulous event held at the Kim Sing Theatre in Chinatown. The event was wonderful and I couldn't help but notice how many people were shocked this type of venue existed Downtown.

Event planners are always looking for something new and different. Lately they've latched on to Downtown's unique high styled lofts and beautiful historic buildings as spaces to hold private parties and lavish special events. In doing so they are opening eyes to what Downtown has to offer.

Jessica Tam from Fresh Events Company was responsible for bringing Pamper Me Fabulous to Chinatown. She sat down to answer a few questions about her attraction to Downtown Los Angeles.

JEANNINE DENHOLM: Why did you chose to have Pamper Me Fabulous Downtown?

JESSICA TAM: A lot of people don't realize it, but downtown LA has so many hidden gems. Downtown LA is no longer just a place to work, its a place to play, and place to relax, too. It's defining the upscale, city loft lifestyle on the West coast and we wanted our event to be a part of that. Plus there's a great buzz stored up here, that's waiting to be released!

JD: What was the feedback you got from attendees?

JT: People were really thrown off by the exterior and were that much more surprised by what they found inside. Ford Brady is a true “diamond in the rough,” and although we were aware that our guests might be skeptical, we were happy to introduce them to a place they might never have given a second look. A lot of attendees didn't know what to expect given that there's been no precedent to Pamper Me Fabulous. For the most part - the venue was a pleasant surprise for many; it has a lot of personality and provided a very unique space.

JD: How did you find out about the space?

JT: We are very much inspired by furniture design, and discovered Ford Brady and their furniture gallery space through an event they co-hosted with DWELL Magazine. Ford Brady has typically been used for design-focused events such as fashion shows and gallery showcases. We thought its modern, unique layout and striking architecture would provide a nice contrasting backdrop to our light and feminine styled event.

JD: As an event planner you see a lot of spaces, if a business is interested in attracting special events what can they do to catch your eye?

JT: We really thirst for creating event experiences that are extraordinary, as do our clients – so to break through the clutter of mediocre events, location is a big thing! We take special attention to venues that offer a change of pace and flexibility to do something incredible, also taking into consideration their location, size, costs, and limitations. Having a set package that outlines what the venue offers as well as pictures and dimensions really comes in handy.

JD: Will you continue to do business in Downtown?

JT: Yes, of course. Downtown is really growing and is becoming much more prevalent in the events industry. It offers a mix of venues rich in history along with some new and modern. There's a place just right for every type of crowd and event here.

JD: Is there anything Downtown boosters can do to help bring more business and events Downtown?

JT: LA is all about the latest and greatest. And Downtown is it – all these new, great hidden treasures and events that are going to be the talk of the town. We'd love to help be the ones who discover these places by doing more promotional events here. Show people what makes downtown special and event planners will be happy to sign on board.


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