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Meter "Fed" in Little Tokyo

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, September 19, 2008, at 12:37PM
feed the meter Ed Fuentes

Jocelyi Sia on Second Street in Little Tokyo.

There is tempered guerilla action in Little Tokyo as Jocelyi Sia and Nicole Eng grabbed a spot in front of 345 E. 2nd St for Park(ing) Day LA. Equipped with green carpet, personal house plants, chairs, and a sign that dubs the space "Ladies who Lunch Park," they plan to make their green statement until 4pm.

Sia, a Los Angeles based independent landscape architect and former Cal Poly Pomona Student, read about Park(ing)Day LA last year, and after getting more details at Sustainble LA, decided to make a personal statement and join up.

The point of the day was made while the two idealists were setting up their spot. A driver, seeing the spot, readied to move his car in. Not sure what a carpet and chairs were doing in a parking spot, he figured that the space was occupied and moved on.

Sia and Eng met with local businesses to support the effort, and surveyed foot traffic patterns for more visibility, as Sia explained to two local federal workers who stopped to watch them set up. The two Feds looked at the sign that also asked for donation of a quarter, smiled and fed the meter.

More Urban Success: While taking notes I saw Pamela Rouse of meeko on main across the street looking for our location. I waved my notebook to get her attention and out of nowhere, a cab pulled up. I apologized, and the driver smiled and waved and moved on.


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