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SWA Group Illustrates Auto Emissions

By Samantha Page
Published: Friday, September 19, 2008, at 02:15PM
Park(ing) Day Samantha Page [Flickr]

An exaggerated exhaust illustrates auto emissions at 7th and Flower.

Thick smoke pours out of a cartoonishly gigantic exhaust pipe sticking out of a Mercedes SUV on the corner of 7th and Flower, where landscape architecture firm SWA Group has set up their Park(ing) Day LA park.

Alex Robinson hops on a stationary bike and demonstrates the existence of an alternative transportation commuter. He gets a face full of smoke (don't worry, it's just a fog machine).

The park itself is more like a garden than a lawn. Rows of dirt have green, yellow and red flags waving in the air. "Do you want to plant a flag?" I'm asked. I drove into Downtown, so I get a red flag in the dirt. "We're not judging," Robinson says. "We're just keeping a tally." Great. I am one more red flag in Downtown. I move on to next park...


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