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Bid for the Unusual at Reel Appeal

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, October 01, 2008, at 12:35PM
Loft Appeal Ed Fuentes

Seen with old film reels and creations from Jim Henson Creature Shop, Rich Reams prepares for an upcoming auction at Reel Appeal.

Rich Reams and his staff are busy preparing for the two-day public auction of movie props and set décor now stored in their 20,000 square foot Arts District warehouse. Located adjacent to the Barker Block on Hewitt, the warehouse behind Loft Appeal serves as headquarters for Reel Appeal, a clearinghouse for former set decorations. Those interested in bidding on the huge set of items up for auction can preview the goods Thursday, October 2nd.

Granted, you have to be eccentric, eclectic, or just plain funky to want a portrait of Walt Disney for your media room, or to bid for a prop drill from sci-fi film "Armageddon" and place it in the tool shed.

Still, there are enough rugs, domestic items and odds and ends to complete any loft or game room.

Or perhaps you just want to collect enough props to film your own sci-fi trilogy. This collection has you covered.

Whether to buy or to browse, this collection is definitely one worth checking out.

Reel Appeal Auction / Friday, October 3 at 11:00am and Saturday, October 4 at 11:00am / Bids taken in in person or online / Reel Appeal / 521 S. Hewitt Street / Auction Number: 888-345-SOLD


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