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Traffic Nightmare? Try Everyday Commute

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 03, 2008, at 06:59PM
Night Ride Through Elysian Park Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Traffic approaches Downtown on the 110 in a file photo from November, 2006.

I'm sure you've heard it: driving around Downtown is going to be a disaster tomorrow, with a Dodgers playoff game, Detour Festival, an Obama fundraiser at the Edison, USC at the Coliseum, a concert at Staples and UCLA at the Rose Bowl. But did anyone do the numbers?

Downtown's daytime office population is roughly 400,000. That's 400,000 people who have to make their way to Downtown in the morning and head out at night. Somehow they all manage to make it work every weekday.

Saturday will bring less people, on a day when other freeway traffic is lighter, and somehow it's supposed to become a traffic nightmare?

Don't worry about Downtown, please. We've got quite the roadway infrastructure ringing our neighborhood. If there's one thing L.A. has done quite successfully, it's figure out how to move cars around.

That's not to say you should drive...


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