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Around the Halls: October 6 - 9

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, October 06, 2008, at 01:41AM
hall Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, October 6th, and the start of the week offers a slate light on Downtown issues. Perhaps the most notable news comes from the northwest, where Echo Park is set to get a set of filming special conditions this Wednesday.

MONDAY: Public Safety committee and Budget and Finance committee are in session, but neither offers anything in the way of Downtown-specific items. If you're behind of your payments to the city, you might take note of B&F's consideration of CF 08-2122, which would set up a city "Collections Sheriff."

TUESDAY: Council's in session, as are four committees. Short agendas all around.

Item 18 on the Council agenda is CF 08-0002-S146, the Reyes motion to get the Feds to designate the Dodger Stadium area with a single zipcode and the "Dodgertown" name.

WEDNESDAY: Three committees and a Council meeting.

Housing, Community and Economic Development committee again gets CF 08-2141, the $96 million in bonds for Angelus Plaza. The financial market crash caused the original lender to back out, so CRA had to re-approve a new plan. The dollar amount and the result is still the same.

At Council, item 16 is CF 07-0203, the Fig Central community benefits revision that was in committee last week. They're just splitting up payments.

Item 18 is the aforementioned Angelus Plaza bond motion, which hits committee and Council in a single day. They've already approved this same motion with a different lender, so this is just formality.

Item 46 is CF 08-2628, special filming conditions for Echo Park. Filming conditions are certainly a hot topic for Downtown.

The Jobs, Business Growth and Tax Reform committee will be talking about the current financial crisis in council chambers at 3pm.


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