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When It All Gets Boiled Down...

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, October 27, 2008, at 09:16PM
Coliseum Lights Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Looking out over the rooftops of the Historic Core in this September photo from City Hall.

While putting together some materials for verbdowntown today I ran across this quote from a post that ran on January 1, 2005:

I’m just a kid living in a big city who likes old buildings and likes to explore. I want to reflect that in what I write.

Nearly four years later, I think that's still true. I may be a few years older, but it's still about that sense of exploration.

In that same post, I dropped this as a little aside:

I think downtown's ripe for a community site where people can do in a more structured logical format a lot of the Q&A type stuff that happens on newdowntown

I still think that, and we made an attempt to do something of that nature a while back with weekly Ask Downtown questions, a feature which died out prematurely when the questions were slow to arrive.


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