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Site Updates: Expanding Sections

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 31, 2008, at 10:32AM

This morning saw the blogdowntown navigation bar grow, as four new sections made their debut on the site. History, Food & Nightlife, Politics and Opinion now get their own top-level headings. We've made pretty regular tweaks since launching our new design in April, but this one seems high-profile enough to deserve a special note.

Before April, all of our stories just floated along in an unsorted stream of content. Then, as part of our redesign from traditional blog format, we added sections to provide a little help to those looking something in specific. We chose five categories: Everyday Living, Growth, Arts & Culture, Movement and Etc.

While those categories served us well, pretty quickly we found certain kinds of stories that didn't lend themselves to an easy placement. A story about a restaurant, for instance, fell into Growth if the eatery was new, but Everyday if it had been around a while.

Hopefully these new sections will make those choices a little more clear-cut. We'll be going through and backfilling stories into their appropriate spot over the next few days.

Also, look for the section pages to start getting some topic-specific functionality down the road.

Since it's Halloween, here's a fun trick you almost certainly don't know about: Want to see all of what's happened on blogdowntown today? You can get a quick view of stories, headlines and comments by pointing your browser to


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