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DCBID Wants You to Appreciate Taxis

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, November 07, 2008, at 03:24PM
Taxi_1 Ed Fuentes

Councilwoman Jan Perry gets in a cab at the July 31 kickoff for the Hail-a-Taxi pilot.

Downtown's six-month Hail-a-Taxi trial runs through February, but uptake has been slow. It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation -- the cabs aren't circling because people aren't out hailing, but how can people expect to hail when the cabs aren't there?

The Downtown Center BID wants to jumpstart the process with a "Taxicab Appreciation Week," to run December 8 - 14.

A motion currently in the Council system asks for permission to post promotional signs on poles around Downtown. The signs would be designed and paid for by DCBID, and would be up in late November and run through December.

The Hail-a-Taxi program is a pilot that defines rules for how traffic enforcement and LAPD handle cabs. It instructs officers to allow cabs to make stops in "No Parking" zones for the purpose of picking up and dropping off passengers, something not technically legal under California state law. After years of work, the pilot kicked off in July.

One interested aspect of the current efforts is a campaign to help cabbies understand what different venues will be generating traffic Downtown. Understanding when people will be coming out of concerts and events is good for both the cabbies who can generate more revenue and for riders who can better get to other parts of the neighborhood.


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