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Touring Downtown WIFI: Lot 44 Coffee

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, November 25, 2008, at 03:43PM
Full of Sunshine Ed Fuentes

Sean "Java Master" Martin of Lot44 Coffee.

This is the second in a series of stories taking a tour of Downtown's WIFI spots. Whether at coffee shops or Pershing Square, there are plenty of options -- some better than others. Learn a new spot or help out your neighbors by sharing your favorites.

Lot 44 Coffee's growth is a slow brewed cup of coffee that's worth the extra time for it to find its footing. For a while, the Spring and 3rd location was my secret hideaway, but with the opening of Coldsprings Gallery and more recently Ma Petit cafe, this coffee house will be getting busier. Despite that, it will stay on the top of my list of places to set up WIFI camp.

OVERALL PROS: Four outlets are readily available––all near tables––and the acrylic chairs are surprisingly comfortable. The WIFI is consistent and after the Lot 44 Coffee front page, runs ad free (something not the case when the shop first opened). If your battery is fully charged, you can head in the 2,500-foot atrium.

OVERALL CONS: While Lot44 opens at 6:30am Monday through Friday, they close at 7pm. So far, they are closed on weekends.

IT'S ABOUT THE COFFEE, TOO: The coffee selections are expansive and custom brewed, but priced on the higher end of Downtown’s coffee house prices. That happens when you sell organic fair trade coffee from farms that have “sustainable practices that benefit the environment.” (So says the menu). Still, the good coffee blends are comparable to Urth Café who seem to be forgiven for charging premium prices.

Four weeks ago, they began using the Brooklyn Bagel Company (located just west of Downtown) as a supplier; that's big bonus points.

THE WILD CARD: Sean Martin is the Lot44 Coffee Barista just in from the Pacific Northwest, and his Seattle coffee house pedigree helped him find this job after being in town only a few weeks. He knows his blends, and Lot 44 allows his knowledgeable and friendly java-fueled persona to come through even when he’s working the early shift. “I get to open some days 'cause I’m all sunshiny and happy,” he says with a laugh.

Lot 44 Coffee / 257 S. Spring (corner of 3rd) / Suite 115


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