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Dear BID

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, November 30, 2008, at 11:20PM
BID Maintenance Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Dear Business Improvement District,

I appreciate the services you provide for my neighborhood. You pick up trash, trim trees and generally make for a nicer place to live.

I'm a bit puzzled, though, why you would choose to operate a pressure washer at 11pm on a Sunday just a few feet away from my window.

Just a few minutes ago you packed up and left, after giving those around a fun twenty minutes of listening to your compressor.

Surely there's a better time to clean whatever bit of sidewalk or wall was so important?

I admire that you're working such odd hours, but your equipment doesn't particularly make the best neighbor on a block full of residents. We live in historic buildings, remember? The windows aren't much good at blocking sound.

Somehow I doubt that your services are simply in such high demand that this time of night was the only one at which you could make it over here.

Again, don't take this to mean that I'm ungrateful. I'm not. I'm just hoping you've got a good reason for getting me out of bed.


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