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Touring Downtown WIFI: Moxie

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, December 09, 2008, at 01:32PM
Moxie Staff Ed Fuentes

Lourdes Neliugas and Alo Moniz bring some Downtown barista slight-of-edge to City West's funky coffee house and cafe; Moxie.

Moxie is the 3-year-old coffee house and lunch spot in City West, just outside our usual perimeter of coverage. But since it’s located one long-ish block from where the E and A DASH turn on their way back to Downtown, the café that serves “coffee, fine food, and everything fantastic” is fair game.

Besides, it's an alternative lunch spot for workers in the high-rise offices on that side of the 110, and it's never short of Loyola Law School students. If you wonder if you will be out of place, don’t worry. Two of the day staff had their skills honed at the Arts District Groundworks.

Best of all, Moxie’s coffee is good, and needless to say the café has WIFI.

PROS: Four outlets are ready for you edge-of-downtown pioneers. Two are next to tables inside booths with cushioned seats, while the other outlets are by the windows. Moxie's WIFI carried all the bars throughout the “taste test” with no drop off.

In the back is a small sitting area for overflow, and propped in the corner is an unrestored neon hotel sign. The building itself now houses studio apartments on the above two floors.

For those burned out on Downtown-proper and seeking an old-school eclectic coffee shop, Moxie is good escape. With high-backed booths and a deli case, it reminds me of the neighborhood spots I’ve found in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago that only locals know.

CONS: The City West spot is distant for many, and the cafe's only open from 7am to 5pm. They are closed on weekends.

HOW 'BOUT LUNCH?: The coffee selections are traditional and vintage sodas and teas also available. The sandwich list is expansive and you get a choice of sides. All are affordable.

THE WILD CARD: It’s too easy to tag fledgling singer-songwriter Alo Moniz as the wild card. (By the way, his first CD will be coming out in spring). The popular barista is still remembered in the Arts District for his off-the-wall outfits and wicked humor. Only he can serve up a double cap no foam while wearing a band uniform. While he admits to toning down a bit so as not to scare the neighbors, he will be inspired once in a while.

Let’s consider the popular French toast the wild card. That in its self may be worth at least one trip out here.

Moxie / 1433 West 7th Street (corner of Valencia) / 213-483-8551


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