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Around the December Art Walk

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, December 12, 2008, at 04:48PM
Photo + Shadow Ed Fuentes

Shadows falling on Francisco Arcaute's "Signs of L.A." inside the P.E. Building.

The last Downtown Art Walk of 2008 took to the streets last night. The quieter night saw some changes, some bigger than others. At 6th and Main, a new hub took shape, complementing the Art Walk's traditional center one block north. Up the street, adhoc sales took a slightly more structured shape, while to the west a park showed signs of expanding the event across Downtown.

With the opening of Cole's, The Association and Blu L.A. cafe, the block of 6th street between Main and Los Angeles has become quite the interesting spot. Added in with the Bailey Gallery at Pussy and Pooch, Compact/Space and Last Laugh / Upper Playground, the block has a concentration not often found around Downtown.

Recent months have seen Main street glutted with crafts between 4th and 5th. For December, street vendors were limited to the east side of the street, and held in check by a blue line that left passersby a place to walk.

Over in South Park, FIDM increased its Art Walk visibility with some help from Zero One Gallery. During the Spring and Summer months, it would be great to see Grand Hope Park, managed by a FIDM-controlled non-profit, open up as a showcase for student work. It's a spot that's got great possibility, and the school has plenty of students producing work worth looking at.


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