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Around the Halls: December 15 - 17

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, December 15, 2008, at 08:50AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, December 15, and there's still a lot going on around City Hall as we head into the last full week before Christmas. On the agendas this week are budget issues, the Fashion District BID, special events policy and Quimby fees.

MONDAY: The talk in City Hall is on budgets. The Budget & Finance committee holds back to back meetings in the Council chambers starting at 1pm. On the docket is continued discussion of Mid-Year Budget Adjustments. The city's looking to cover a $110 million gap.

At Rules & Government committee, meeting at 3pm, CF-08-3251 is half the agenda. That's the list of projects ready to go for President-Elect Obama's Economic Stimulus Package. There's nothing particularly exciting for Downtown.

TUESDAY: Council's in session.

Item 4, CF 07-0472 is a hearing of appeals on the Fashion District BID's renewal.

Item 28 is CF 07-1434, the new contract with Pacific Sports for operation of the Los Angeles Triathlon. As mentioned previously, here's the important language for Downtowners familiar with the race's habit o fblocking people in their buildings: "Pacific Sports must improve the process for notifying businesses and residents located on, or near, the approved route of the LA Triathlon of the anticipated street closures and other detours that will be in effect."

Item 46 is CF 08-1303, a major rework of the city's policy for waiving fees for special events. In general, less fees will be waived, though special provisions are made for block parties and farmers markets.

At the very end of the agenda, Council will enter closed session to confer with the City Attorney on World Wide Rush, LLC v. City of Los Angeles; United States District Court Case No. CV 07-238 ABC (JWJx). It's a billboard suit.

At Planning and Land Use committee, item 1 concerns the appointment of Sean O. Burton to the City Planning Commission to fill the gap left by the resignation of Jane Usher last week.

WEDNESDAY: Council's again in session.

For the second day, it's the Fashion District BID up first. Item 13 tabulates the renewal ballots and presents the ordinance creating the BID.

Item 36 is CF 08-3241, the Mills Act additions that went through committee last week. Five Downtown properties are included.

Item 43 is the stimulus projects in committee on Monday.

At a joint meeting of Audits and Government Efficiency and the Public Safety committees, item 5 is CF 07-3387-S1, a report on Quimby fees. The council file was last in committee over a year ago, suggesting a lack of efficiency.


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