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First Bar Hop Proves Better Idea than Execution

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, December 22, 2008, at 11:43AM
Cole's Neon Gets Relit Eric Richardson [Flickr]

My last twitter message from blogdowntown's first bar hop, held on a cold but dry Friday evening, sums up the night:

Buses slow. Battery dying. We detoured to whiskey.

Indeed, logistics were not our friend on Friday night, but a group that peaked around seventeen made our way to four Downtown drinkeries.

The Late Night DASH, intended to be the centerpiece of the night, was not showing itself off well. The operator told us that two of the buses had broken down earlier in the evening, leaving wait times a little uglier than normal.

Those waits led to a slipping timetable which eventually forced a route detour. After hitting Cole's, Nick & Stef's and Broadway Bar, we eventually ended up making our way over to Seven Grand as the night wore on.

Those who, like me, tend not to make it out much late at night will be pleased to hear that Downtown's nightlife seems to be doing quiet well. All of our stops were lively, and a healthy line waited outside Seven Grand at the midnight hour.

One of blogdowntown's resolutions for 2009 is to do more events, so you can expect us to reprise this sort of a night in not too long. Just expect round two to be a little simpler to execute.


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