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Let's Discuss the Late Night DASH

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, January 01, 2009, at 12:18PM
Late Night DASH Stop Sign Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A temporary Late Night DASH Holiday sign hangs at 8th and Figueroa in November.

The six-week Late Night DASH Holiday Pilot took its last runs early this morning, ending up service at 3am on New Year's Day. The privately funded, $23,000 program connected L.A. Live, the Historic Core and the Music Center to the 7th / Metro subway station, offering a free ride to those visiting Downtown's nightlife.

Now that the buses have stopped, it's time to take a little stock of how things went. There will be official reports written, ridership studied and sponsors canvassed, but I wanted to start things off by asking blogdowntown readers what they thought of the Late Night Pilot.

One of the major hurdles facing the program was that of how to outreach for a short-term service on no budget and with no time. blogdowntown first announced the service details just three days before the first buses were to run. That's not a lot of time to find riders.

Once the route was up and running, plenty of other issues made life interesting. Temporary stop signs had a habit of disappearing, riders complained of drivers not knowing the stops, and the time between buses was sometimes head-scratchingly long.

Despite all that, it's important to keep mind of what got accomplished. In just a few weeks, the city and the private sector combined to fund and launch Downtown's first nighttime circulator service. That's pretty cool, and something that I think we can build on going forward.

Perhaps consider these questions in your feedback: How important is the idea of a late night Downtown circulator? Did you ride the Late Night DASH Holiday Pilot? Why or why not? If you rode, what did you like or not like?


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