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Art Walk Preview for January, 2009

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, January 07, 2009, at 01:28PM
spring Ed Fuentes

This month, Spring Arts Collective Gallery is curated by Kevin Taylor.

Tomorrow marks the first Downtown Art Walk of 2009. It happens that January is also L.A. Arts Month, a civic and private partnership designed to encourage the exploration of art in Los Angeles.

For you Art Walk veterans, that’s not a new idea at all. But in case some new people are reading, the Downtown Art Walk is held every second Thursday of the month and it’s a chance to see Downtown’s streets buzzing with gallery-goers.

ONE OF OUR OWN: Metropolis Books will host our own Stan Lerner at 7pm. Lerner plans to include readings from his Adventures of Downtown Oliver Brown series.

ART WALK IS FILLED WITH MYTH: Bert Green Fine Art (102 W. 5th) sends word on the three new solo shows opening on Art Walk. Sandra Yagi brings “chimerical figuration, painted in classical styles, in which she intersects themes of myth, religion, popular culture, and politics.” Jessica Curtaz’s graphite drawings on panels have “subjects as simple objects portrayed in abstract terms.” Doug Cox has “the eye of the indifferent observer, paints shadowy figures, the denizens of private, even secret spaces where the body is celebrated.”

Speaking of myth, the Owens Valley water becomes a metaphor in BGFA’s Project Windows. Richard Ankrom returns with “a neon installation which uses electricity and light to mimic the movement of water lapping on the shore.”

MORE MYTH: Pharmaka (101 W. 5th) has “New Mythologies” with Marina Fortsmann Day, Cheryl Ekstrom, Suzanna Schulten, Margaret Lazzari, Michelle Weinstein, and Suzan Woodruff. These six female artists are independently creating a “new visual mythology” that add a deeper understanding of the natural while furthering the mythology of the supernatural, according to curator Shane Guffogg.

YOU GOT MALE MYTH: For fair and balanced coverage, Pharmaka is offering "The MAN Show" at the Continental (400 S. Spring) with selected works by Mark Acetelli and John Scane. PR states that these male painters use mythological images with a “masculine aesthetic reminiscent of Hollywood’s old western films.” It’s about taking elements of ‘old’ myth and placing it against modern backdrops. It’s open for Art Walk. The official opening reception is Saturday, Jan. 17. Scroll down for a video featuring Acetelli.

STAMPS OF APPROVAL: The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art will show “The Stamp Series.” Artist Leslie Tucker diplays “ironic analysis of the American Dream put forth in a series of digitally collaged stamps that commemorate objects, places and historic moments in our culture.”

Phillis Stein Arts offers "Secret Narratives and Cone of Power," with drawings by Maureen Foster and Elise Roedenbeck. It will be worth dropping by to see a performance and installation by Julia Sherman.

Crewest has another solid show in “Unification Theory: on the One, the art experience" with live painting by Unification Theory and the improvisational funk fusion of Thrillharmonic Orchestra.

Julie Rico Gallery hosts Richard Godfrey, the Arts District vet whose work was featured at the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing, Republic of China.

PHOTO TIPS: "The Beauty of the Street: a group show by the Skid Row Photography Club" is at Raw Materials (436 S. Main).

Photographer Gary Leonard says "Hello-Goodbye" at Art Walk, the final event for his gallery at 740 S. Olive. Expect a lot of music, as well as photography. Gallery opens at 3PM. Reception and music goes from 7pm to 9:30pm.

OFF GALLERY ROW: A Downtown Art Walk participant off the path of Gallery Row is the Japanese American National Museum. They will host a 6:30pm artist roundtable discussing visual art in LA over the last 20 years. Eve Fowler, Lari Pittman, and Erika Rothenberg will lead talks of changes that have taken place in LA art since the late 80s and where it is going.

Across the way at the Democracy Forum in the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy, Los Angeles Art Association presents the "Open Show" Film Screening And Panel Discussion, scheduled for 7:30pm. It offers video and films juried by David Pagel, art critic for the Los Angeles Times. The screening and panel discussion will feature "Tortilla Burning" by Teresa Flores, "Debate 08 (Video Flag Update)" by Zig Gron, "Discarded" by Daniel Young and Daniel Forrest, "Nesting Two" by Hadiya Finley, and "Hagia Sophia" by Arzu Arda Kosar and Jessica Mentesoglu.

And of course, you can get around Art Walk on the "Hippodrome" and "Hazard's Pavilion,” two shuttles curated by Esotouric. This month, the rolling vaudeville show includes hip beat style singer-songwriter Ruthann Friedman, acoustical mourning of Fort King, and the unplugged uke-rock stylings of The Ukulady.

blogdowntown's video on the October Downtown Art Walk featured Mark Acetelli, part of the Continental show mentioned above:

Downtown Art Walk from blogdowntown on Vimeo.


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