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Around the Halls: January 12 - 14

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, January 12, 2009, at 07:51AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, January 12, and on the city dockets this week are a pair of financing packages for affordable housing projects, a Little Tokyo Art Park, and a list of projects for a potential federal stimulus package.

MONDAY: Only two committees are in session. Budget and Finance is taking a look at a variety of cost-cutting measures aimed at cutting the city's deficit.

TUESDAY: Council's in session, but nothing on the agenda seems all that interesting.

At Education and Neighborhoods, the City Attorney will report on CF 08-3303, a Hahn / Alarcon motion asking what the steps would be to make the Superintendent of LAUSD an elected job instead of a position appointed by the school board.

Information Technology and General Services committee will consider CF 08-3387, a motion asking that the city lease space next to MOCA's Geffen Contemporary to the museum for the creation of a Little Tokyo Art Park. The city would provide the land, the CRA would pony up $1 million in predevelopment money, and MOCA would handle development.

Also on the docket is CF 08-3348, which would authorize the sale of old Fire Station #4 at 800 N. Main to the California Endowment, which opened its new headquarters next door several years ago. The property would be sold for $2,750,000.

The final item on the agenda is CF 07-2140, regarding the acceptance of a monument that would be placed in the lobby of the Public Works building at 1149 S. Broadway. The work commemorates city employees Rene Flores and Ricardo "Big Rick" Garris, who were killed in 2005.

WEDNESDAY: Council and three committees are in session.

The Housing, Community and Economic Development committee will consider CF 08-3462, a CRA report regarding financing for the Panama Hotel at 403 E. 5th.

The same committee will consider CF 08-3075, $2.1 million in loans for the construction of the New Genesis apartments at 452 S. Main.

It will also hear CF 08-3430, the MOCA motion which last week went to Arts, Parks, Health and Aging. The committee will consider putting $2.8 million in CRA money to the museum's operations.

Rules and Government committee will hear CF 08-3251, the list of projects ready for a federal stimulus package. Jan Perry's Council District 9 far and away leads the money total, with $828 million in projects (next highest district is Council District 7, with $353 million). That's a little deceptive, though, since $535 million would go to the Federal Courthouse slated to rise at 1st and Broadway.


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