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Panasonic Considering Massive Plasma Screen for ESPN Zone

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, January 19, 2009, at 11:25AM
ESPN Zone, L.A. Live Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The main panel currently featured in ESPN Zone's Screening Room is large, but suffers from two large bezels that cut it in thirds.

New L.A. Live partner Panasonic is considering three replacement options for the massive center screen at ESPN Zone, one of which would be a prototype 150-inch plasma unit. The technology company unveiled the 150-inch screen one year ago, but has just to put it into production.

The center screen in the sports restaurant's Screening Room has been a source of negative comments since ESPN Zone opened in November. It was assembled from three 103-inch high-def screens turned sideways, creating a single panel roughly equivalent to a 175-inch unit. While that's certainly large, the bezels disrupt the viewing experience, leaving ESPN's favorite split-screen talking heads faceless.

Less than two weeks after Panasonic was announced as a Founding Partner for L.A. Live, replacement plans are moving quickly. At Thursday night's benefit for Pete Carroll's A Better L.A., a staff member at the restaurant said that they were down to three choices, one of which is the massive plasma.

The 150-inch screen, which Panasonic unveiled at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, is eleven feet wide, a little over six feet high and just one inch thick. It's a 4k unit, meaning that it offers four times the resolution of a typical HDTV screen.


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