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While You Might Hope to Avoid Them, It's Good to Know Downtown's Got Good Hospitals

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, January 27, 2009, at 07:10PM
My Wrist Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The shot accompanying this story is an x-ray of my left wrist, taken today at California Hospital. It's pretty cleanly broken -- you don't need to be a radiologist to see that it's pretty clearly (and cleanly) broken.

Instead of sharing the story of how that came to be, I'd instead like to remark on how cool it is to live Downtown and have medical services within walking distance.

This morning it was just a three block walk from one of my typical hangouts to go get x-rays at South Park's California Hospital (Grand at 14th). The Radiology department was quick and efficient, reading my film on the spot and consulting with my doctor on what I should do next.

A few years back I had to make a trip over to the Emergency Room at Good Samaritan (just blocks west of Downtown on Witmer) to get stitches after I managed to knee myself in the forehead while wakeboarding. Again, the trip was as pleasant of an experience as one can expect out of a trip to the E.R.

While we may wish to avoid their services, it's nice to know that Downtown has the medical facilities it does. You never know when you might have to call on them.


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