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Meet the Trainer

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, January 30, 2009, at 05:29PM
Billy Locke

Personal Trainer Billy Locke will be offering tips on how to work out Downtown.

You might have noticed that blogdowntown started a new series this week, one we're calling, "Ask the Trainer."

Billy Locke from GooDeed Health will be answering your burning questions every week about how to get fit in Downtown. But, here, we get to ask Billy a few questions of our own.

Downtown, let us introduce you to your trainer:

ERIC RICHARDSON: Hi, Billy, welcome to blogdowntown.


ER: First of all, how long have you been doing personal training?

BL: I have been a personal trainer for 16 years, but I've been working out since the age of 10. I instantly loved the way it made me feel. I started reading everything I could get my hands on about health. From there I started relaying the information of what I read to my family members. As a result they started eating healthier and exercising reguarly. I liked the effect of changing the course of someone's health and decided that I wanted to become a personal trainer.

ER: What brought you to Downtown, and how do you like it?

BL: I grew up in a house back East, so I was always curious what it would be like to live in a high-rise in a major metropolitan city.

I love it down here. There are two buildings on either side of me and it feels like I'm living in a fish bowl. I like being able to see how other people live. It is like a fun sociology experiment.

ER: Along with your personal training, you're involved in non-profit and school work. Tell us a little about that.

BL: My non-profit is called GooDeed Health and we teach free health, fitness and wellness classes on a weekly basis at various park location in and around Downtown. We also have taught P.E. classes at a number of public schools.

The thing that freaks me out and is the main reason I started my non-profit is because nationally, only 8% of the elementary schools have mandatory P.E. classes. Most schools have gotten rid of the program because of insufficient funds. Even though statistics show that the smartest kids are the healthiest ones. Good health supports intelligence.


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